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3 Reasons to Choose Double-Pane Window Replacements December 27, 2018

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3 Reasons to Choose Double-Pane Window Replacements, Greece, New York

Whether your windows crack and need repairs or you’re thinking of ways to upgrade your home, there are many options available for window replacements. Consider double-pane options and you’ll reap the benefits all year-round — especially if you’re in the market to sell your home. Here are three of the major assets homeowners can gain by installing these special panes. 

Why You Should Buy Double-Pane Window Replacements

1. Increased Energy Efficiency

Single pane windows are less energy efficient because they allow for more air exchange between the interior and exterior of a home. Heat can leak out in the winter while cool air may do the same in the summer. Double-pane windows are more energy efficient because of the additional barrier from the elements. Look for ENERGY STAR® certified options to save between $27 and $111 every year on heating costs. 

2. Minimized Noise

replacement windows Rochester NYIn many homes, you can hear outside sounds like traffic even with all the windows and doors closed. Double-pane window replacements greatly reduce sound transfer, which can improve your focus and ability to sleep while at home. 

3. Improved Home Value

Prospective homebuyers want the best features all in one house, including a newer roof, recently installed, plumbing and a large master suite. Many buyers value new replacement windows and will be especially enticed by double-paned glass because of its noise reduction abilities and energy efficiency. You’re likely to get back much of your investment upon selling your home, and you’ll reach a wider audience. 


Homeowners who need window replacements should contact Genesee Glass & Mirror in Monroe County, NY, for a quote. Their team has provided residential and commercial glass services for over 40 years. From windshields to shower doors and double-pane windows, the technicians are ready to install and maintain all types of glass. Call (585) 621-3580 or visit the website for information on their sliding glass door, tabletop, mirror, and obscure patterned glass offerings. 

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