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Electric Motor Repair FAQ December 27, 2018

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Electric Motor Repair FAQ , Fairbanks, Alaska

Electric motors power a wide range of products from small hair dryers to major appliances and industrial equipment. If you use electric motors for personal, commercial, or industrial reasons, you know they eventually need repairs as parts break down or get dirty. The more you know about electric motor repairs, the more you’ll be able to tell a specialist when the part requires servicing.

Common Questions About Electric Motor Repair

What are the warning signs of motor failure?

Electric motors in danger of failing frequently vibrate excessively because of shaft misalignment issues. They can also vibrate when their parts have corroded. Other signs of impending motor failure include burning odors, burnt paint, odd noises, and dirty housing openings.

How long will the part take to fix?

It depends on what’s causing the motor to falter; however, the standard turnaround time is seven to 10 days. If yours is a relatively minor issue, such as a clogged part, you will probably get your motor back in a shorter time frame.

motor repairsWhat causes electric motors to fail?

Electrical overloads and overheating will cause the motor to stop working. Forcing the part to function in an extremely hot environment, for example, will cause a shutdown. Poor current value and deteriorating insulation can also cause the part to overheat and fail. Other reasons for motor failure include clogs in the cooling fan, excessive moisture, and corrosion.

How much will the repair cost?

Cost varies depending on which type of motor repairs need to be performed. Any reputable repair company will provide a detailed estimate explaining the projected costs, so you are not surprised by the final bill.

Should I request a repair or replacement?

Replacements naturally cost more than motor repairs, so as long as yours is in good condition, it is generally best to try to fix it. Replace the part only if it is old and seems to break down frequently.


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