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5 Reasons to Shop at Local Stores This Holiday Season December 15, 2018

Carrollton, Carroll
5 Reasons to Shop at Local Stores This Holiday Season, Carrollton, Kentucky

Supporting small, local businesses is a great way to boost your community’s economy and to give back to your hometown. Small businesses such as local gun shops and accessory stores are the perfect spot for finding unique gifts for this holiday season. Here are five reasons to shop small this year.

Why You Should Shop at Smaller Businesses

1. Provide Local Jobs

When local businesses like family-owned restaurants, gun shops, or clothing stores can remain open, they provide jobs to your friends and neighbors. Community employment rises, which leads to a happier, more stable neighborhood.

2. Boost Local Economy

Your tax dollars stay in the community, which helps the local economy. When your area is in good financial standing, municipal buildings and public services, as well as roadways and parks are well-funded. Not only does that enhance your town’s appearance, but it also ensures your family has access to quality education and civic services when they need them most.

3. Receive Personal Attention

gun shopBecause small stores are usually family- and locally-owned, customers receive personal attention. Staff members go above and beyond to find what you need. Local businesses rely on word of mouth and loyal clients who will remember their positive experience and recommend them to others.

4. Find One-Of-A-Kind Gifts

Community businesses that are not connected to a corporate, national chain stock much more original inventory. Unique and rare gifts are easier to find, which helps to customize your holiday shopping for each person on your list. This is especially helpful when you have people for whom you are having trouble selecting a present.

5. Maintain Diversity

A community filled with small businesses provides a diverse selection of goods and services to the area that will be unmatched anywhere else. Local shop owners create their own atmosphere and culture within their store, a characteristic that national chains never have. Your hometown’s shopping area will have a unique charm, making it stand out over an area filled with chains and franchises.


When you are looking for top quality hunting accessories, shop at your local gun shop, Glauber’s Sports. Since 1863, the family-owned guns and ammunition store has been Carrollton, KY, and the Tri-State area’s choice for equipment and apparel. The gun shop boasts more than 1,000 models in their inventory and the widest selection of bows and arrows. They also offer gift cards that never expire, making them the perfect place for shopping this year. To speak with a helpful team member call (800) 557­-3380 or take a look at their location online in their gallery.

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