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Memorial Gift Etiquette December 20, 2018

Memorial Gift Etiquette, New Richmond, Ohio

Giving a gift for a memorial service is a heartfelt and meaningful way to honor a life well lived. However, given that this is a delicate time, it can often be difficult to know what’s most appropriate. To provide some insight into gift giving etiquette for a memorial, here’s a helpful guide to help you decide what to do in this sensitive situation.

Guide to Gift Giving for a Memorial Service

Should You Give a Gift?

Unless otherwise specified, giving a memorial gift is revered as an appropriate and appreciated gesture. While a gift is certainly not required, it’s a kind idea, particularly if it’s for a close relative or friend. Although it’s not expected, giving a gift can help ease your concerns of arriving empty-handed and will be a heartfelt way of showing how much you care.

What Are Some Customary Gifts to Give?

memorial serviceThere are a number of customary and meaningful gifts you can give to appropriately express your condolences at a memorial service. Flowers are always a beautiful and popular option, as are memorial wreaths if you prefer to give something longer lasting. You may also consider giving a sympathy card, an uplifting book, memorial jewelry commemorating the deceased, or a special home-cooked food. Sometimes charitable donations will be requested in lieu of gifts, so be cognizant of that so you can best adhere to the family’s wishes at this delicate time.

Do You Take It Yourself or Send It?

Deciding whether to send your gift or bring it in person will depend on your unique circumstances as well as the preferences of those holding the memorial. Occasionally, people will request that any gifts or donations be sent in advance. If you are unable to attend the memorial service due to distance or other unforeseen circumstances, you can arrange to have it sent.


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