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Why a Fully Functional Whistle & Plug is Essential for Oil Deliveries December 19, 2018

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Why a Fully Functional Whistle & Plug is Essential for Oil Deliveries, Palmyra, New York

Have you ever wondered how oil delivery experts know when to stop filling the tank? With solid material encasing every side of these containers, it’s nearly impossible to determine when enough fuel has been added to achieve full capacity. That’s why there’s a whistle attached above the tank and a plug inserted at the bottom. Both of these components ensure that a proper level of safety is maintained during an oil delivery. Neglecting to check that they’re fully functional could result in a costly cleanup.

Why It’s Crucial to Have a Working Whistle & Oil Tank Plug

It Prevents the Tank From Overfilling

The whistle is attached within the vent pipe that’s located above the tank and measures the amount of air that’s within the container. It lets out a high-pitched sound as the oil delivery truck adds in more fuel and continues to sound until the container has reached a certain capacity. Whistles that aren’t working make it far more difficult for professionals to know when they’ve poured in enough fuel and could result in a sudden overflow.

It Keeps the Fuel Contained

oil deliveryThe plug is usually secured to the drain nozzle near the bottom of the tank. When properly placed, it creates a tight seal that prevents any oil from leaking out onto the floor. However, since regular cleanouts are recommended for every five years, there’s a chance that the plug may not have been correctly put back into place. The pressure of the newly added oil could cause it to pop out and leave a huge puddle around the base of the tank that will be very costly to clean up.

It Ensures Timely Oil Delivery

Most oil companies will refuse to fill up the tank if any of the previously mentioned components are malfunctioning. The possibility of an accident occurring is too great a risk and could result in the need to reschedule the appointment. The best way to ensure that you receive the necessary fuel is to have a technician come out before the oil delivery to determine that everything is in working order.


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