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3 Ideas for When the Tooth Fairy Pays a Visit March 13, 2019

Kahului, Maui
3 Ideas for When the Tooth Fairy Pays a Visit, Kahului, Hawaii

When a child loses baby teeth, parents often herald the event by leaving cash under the pillow. While this is a long-standing tradition, parents might want to give kids something more meaningful. Check out the following Tooth Fairy gift alternatives for when your child loses baby teeth.

3 Cash-Free Alternatives for a Visit From the Tooth Fairy

1. Dental Care Gift Basket

Use the loss of baby teeth as a teaching experience by giving your child a dental care gift basket containing a toothbrush with a fun design, flavored toothpaste, floss, and other items related to oral health. If you have questions about what to include, consult your pediatric dentist. They can recommend kid-friendly products specifically for your child’s needs.

2. Books

baby teethIf your kid loves to read, they’ll be delighted with books in exchange for their baby teeth. Not only do books take children into exciting new worlds, but they also hone reading and critical thinking skills. Reading gives kids a break from screen time as well.

3. Fairy Dust Necklace

If you’re the DIY type, make a fairy dust necklace to mark the occasion with magic. At a craft store, look for a chain, a small jar with a stopper, and an ample amount of colorful glitter. Put the glitter in the jar, affix the stopper with a strong adhesive, and attach the chain. When your child wakes up, they’ll be amazed by the thoughtful gift left behind by the Tooth Fairy.


If your child is eagerly anticipating the Tooth Fairy’s arrival, schedule a dental care appointment for them at Pedodontic Associates to make sure they know how to handle the loose baby tooth. These pediatric dentists have cared for kids of all ages across Oahu and Maui for over 25 years. Call one of three convenient offices to schedule an appointment: (808) 735-1733 for the Honolulu office, (808) 487-7933 for Aiea, and (808) 877-0066 for Kahului. They’re available for emergency service as well. To prepare your child for the first visit, visit the website.

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