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Tips for Designing a Church Video System December 19, 2018

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Tips for Designing a Church Video System, 4, Louisiana

Every institution can benefit from harnessing the latest technology, including churches. Setting up a successful church video system will provide more flexibility for your space and offer a large canvas for inspiration. If you’re considering installing the apparatus, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

How Can You Use a Church Video System?

To Enhance a Service

One of the primary uses of a church video system is to amplify the power of a sermon. The pastor can accentuate images and key points using a large screen or projector. The system also gives you the chance to play inspirational speeches from other religious leaders or inspiring figures. In addition, when worshippers begin singing hymns, they can have an easy cue to look at to remind them of the lyrics.

To Showcase Announcements

Many meetings tend to be held at churches outside of services on Sundays. At these gatherings, it can be immensely helpful to run through slides showcasing different announcements and updates. In situations where a church hosts a youth group, the video system is perfect for screening a movie or serving as the backdrop of a performance. 

What Should You Keep in Mind Before You Install One?

church video systemHiring a professional to install your church video system is the easiest option. An experienced veteran will ensure there are no awkward feedback loops, staticky presentations, or ill-placed wires. They’ll also guide you through the deliberations of what type of system you’ll need. 

First, you’ll need to reflect on the size of your chapel and decide how large of a visual projection you need. For smaller spaces, a large monitor could work well, while in much larger spaces, you may want to consider “edge blending,” which is the combination of multiple projectors to create a substantial seamless image. It’s also worth thinking about your signal type. Do you have a computer available to use for inputs, or will you be using other sources like smartphones and DVD players? An expert will walk through all these variables with you to create the perfect system for your space and congregation. 


If your congregation could benefit from a church video system, reach out to the specialists at Claiborne Sharp Professional Audio in Shreveport, LA. Since 1989, the professional audio and video crew has served residents throughout northwest Louisiana with video projection installation, professional audio installation, equipment rentals, and more. Certified by the Louisiana State Board of Contractors, they go out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction with every appointment. To start a conversation about your needs, call (318) 861-5953 or send the team a message online

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