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3 Health Benefits of Choosing Italian Food With Eggplant January 18, 2019

Westchester Village, Bronx
3 Health Benefits of Choosing Italian Food With Eggplant, Bronx, New York

You may be familiar with eggplant in baba ghanoush, casseroles, and other Mediterranean dishes. But did you know that it’s also a popular ingredient in Italian cuisine? It’s included in delicious dishes from Sicily all the way to Northern Italy. In addition to its meat-like texture, this vegetable has a wide range of health benefits. Here’s why you won’t have to feel bad about indulging in your favorite Italian food.

3 Reasons to Pick Italian Food With Eggplant

1. Contains Necessary Minerals

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you have a higher risk of developing an iron deficiency. That’s because one of the primary sources of this mineral is red meat. Too little iron can leave you feeling tired, weak, and defeated. Eggplant contains iron and copper to help remedy this deficiency. Even if you enjoy eating meat, eggplant is a great choice for its mineral content.

2. Boosts Heart Health

Italian foodWith a high fiber content and vitamins C and B6, eggplant helps your body combat heart disease. Additionally, it contains anthocyanins, a subclass of flavonoids that can fight heart disease and lower blood pressure. All these factors add up to a happy heart.

3. Controls Blood Sugar

Because it has ample fiber, eggplant can control the absorption rate of blood sugar in the digestive tract. This limits blood sugar spikes and crashes, making it particularly helpful for people with diabetes. The polyphenols in eggplant may also limit sugar absorption and stimulate insulin secretion, so you can enjoy a rich piece of tiramisu without worrying about a sugar rush.


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