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Installing Eze-Breeze® Windows for the Perfect Sunroom December 19, 2018

Blairsville, Union
Installing Eze-Breeze® Windows for the Perfect Sunroom, Blairsville, Georgia

If you’re considering adding a sunroom or similar enclosure to your home, it’s imperative to choose window paneling that will meet your budget and stand up to severe weather. One smart option is to work with a licensed Eze-Breeze® window dealer. Below is a quick guide to understanding why an updated Eze-Breeze window system is perfect for your dream sunroom.

The Value of Eze-Breeze Sunroom Windows

What Are They?

Eze-Breeze windows are specially designed to help improve the beauty and functionality of homeowners’ outdoor living spaces. Made with 10-mil vinyl glazing, they help recreate the look of wall-to-ceiling glass without the weight or cost. They’re also much more pliable than glass, allowing them to experience moderate force without breaking or cracking under pressure. Instead, Eze-Breeze windows will bend and then regain its original shape after several minutes.

Why Are They Ideal for a Sunroom?

sunroomSunrooms and outdoor living enclosures are meant to be as transparent as possible, allowing homeowners a full view of the outside world around them while shining plenty of natural light inside. Eze-Breeze windows achieve this look at an affordable rate. As mentioned above, there’s also much less risk that the glass will crack or break if damaged during severe weather, making them ideal for a sunroom. Even further, custom Eze-Breeze windows offer plenty of ventilation for your space, allowing your family to breathe in fresh air.

What Types of Windows Can You Choose From?

Eze-Breeze windows come in four main styles, all of which serve a unique purpose and come with a host of benefits. These include: 

  • Vertical Four-Track Windows – These windows are made up of four individual panels (or “vents”), each of which can be slid open and closed on their individual tracks. As a custom window option, they can be designed to fit virtually any space. They can also be further customized to offer 100 percent ventilation, if desired.

  • Horizontal Slider Windows – Much larger than the vertical four-track windows, Eze-Breeze horizontal sliders consist of two panels and can be up to eight feet wide. Many homeowners appreciate that the vents can move horizontally along their tracks with the simple touch of a finger.

  • Fixed Windows – Another style of Eze-Breeze window to consider is the fixed window. Available in rectangular and trapezoidal shapes, these windows perfectly complement the other window enclosure styles, particularly for openings in the gable end of a roof or for over-the-door transoms.


If you’re interested in having Eze-Breeze windows installed in your sunroom, the licensed dealer Backyard Enclosures Inc is here for you. Based in Blairsville, GA, and serving Blue Ridge and the surrounding area, this family-operated company has been in business for more than 30 years. With hands-on experience working with customers to create beautiful outdoor living spaces, they can help you make your home improvement dreams a reality. From solariums to carports to patio enclosures, their work is always done with the utmost quality, meeting customers’ unique deadlines and budgets. If you’re interested in receiving a free estimate for Eze-Breeze windows in your sunroom, call (706) 835-1256. You can also visit them online to learn more about their screened-in porch and deck solutions.