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3 Metal Roof Maintenance Tips for Winter December 19, 2018

Jenks, Tulsa County
3 Metal Roof Maintenance Tips for Winter , Jenks, Oklahoma

From heavy precipitation to falling debris, winter can wreak havoc on roofing. While metal roofs are incredibly durable, there are a few preventive steps you need to take to reduce the risk of damage. Follow these three maintenance tips for a hassle-free winter.

How to Get Your Metal Roof Ready for the Colder Months

1. Trim Away Foliage

Nearby trees can pose a hazard to roofing. The movement of wind-tossed branches can scratch the metal while the weight of snow and ice on weak or dying limbs can cause them to break off, falling onto your home where they leave dents and gashes. Take the time to trim back your trees and shrubs and, therefore, avoid the risk of mishap.

2. Eliminate Debris

metal roofOnce the risk of falling foliage is removed, turn your attention to any present debris. Brush off all twigs and leaves from the surface of the roof, including on or around vents and chimneys. Clean out gutters and downspouts, and then use a power washer or hose to remove any dirt and grime buildup left behind. By preventing clogs, you reduce the risk of water damage.

3. Inspect Ventilation

Roofs are also impacted by what's going on inside. Poor attic ventilation can result in increased humidity and heat buildup. Over time, the combination results in rot and mold growth, as well as possible structural warping. Additionally, the warmth may cause precipitation on your roof to melt and refreeze, creating heavy ice dams that place a strain on metal roofs. Every fall, inspect your vents for problems and call a professional if there is insufficient airflow.


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