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Why You Should Cap Off an Outside Fuel Oil Pipe December 20, 2018

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Why You Should Cap Off an Outside Fuel Oil Pipe, Palmyra, New York

When converting your home’s heating from fuel oil to natural gas, you’ll need to do more than cancel your oil delivery service. Old equipment must be swapped out for the new system. Unfortunately, the outside fuel oil pipe is often forgotten, but if it remains intact, it can cause significant issues. Below is a quick guide to the dangers of an abandoned oil pipeline and what you can do to prevent them.

Why Is an Unused Fuel Oil Pipe Problematic?

oil deliveryUnfortunately, when some homeowners switch their heating source, they sometimes forget to cancel their oil delivery service. If the fuel oil pipe is accessible, the delivery person may not be aware that the home now uses gas, and they can mistakenly pump hundreds of gallons of oil into the home. The new oil delivery can create a massive spill inside the house if the oil tank has been removed or is full because no oil is currently being used.

The spilled fuel can saturate concrete floors and wood support beams, making them difficult to clean. It can also seep through cracks in the flooring and contaminate the soil or groundwater beneath the property. Cleanup can cost thousands of dollars, and if the spill is large enough, you’ll have to contact your local environmental agency to assess the damage to your land. The fumes from the fuel oil can lead to short-term health issues, such as nose, eye, or throat irritation or nausea. Long-term exposure has more serious effects on health, which may include liver and kidney damage or elevated blood pressure. In some situations, an oil spill can make it impossible to live in the house.

What Should You Do to Prevent Damage to Your Property?

If you decide to convert your home’s heating system from oil to gas, you’ll need to cut down the pipe, and its pieces will need to be extracted from the property. This process can leave a hole in your foundation; however, it can be filled with cement to maintain its structural integrity. Another way to cap the pipe is by filling it with concrete. This way, if an oil delivery is mistakenly sent to your home, there won’t be a way for the fuel to enter the basement and damage the house.


If you’ve recently switched to a gas-powered heating system and need regular deliveries, turn to the professionals at Main Energy in Wayne County, NY. They are committed to providing residential and commercial customers with quality fuel products at competitive prices. Whether you need a gasoline, propane, or oil delivery, their knowledgeable and highly-trained staff will gladly assist you. To learn more about their services, call (315) 597-5200 or visit their website today. 

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