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Buy JUUL Pods Near Me - Kihei, Maui, Hawaii December 11, 2018

Waiakoa Ahupua`a, Kihei
Buy JUUL Pods Near Me - Kihei, Maui, Hawaii, Kihei, Hawaii

Thanks to the JUUL Vape Pod, nicotine salts have become the latest innovation in the vaping industry. The JUUL pod device uses nicotine salts in their pre-filled replacement cartridges and essentially has paved the way for many different brands to branch out and create their own salt vape juices and nicotine salt pods.


With so many different flavors and pod types available, it all comes down to the consumer to choose a vape pod device and nicotine salt flavors that best suit their wants and needs. JUUL is the most popular brand for vape pod devices available now, but there other brands available now that may better suit your needs.


The SOL Vape Pod is one such option for those who prefer nicotine salts and using vape pod devices for a dependable daily vape. Check out this quick comparison between the JUUL and SOL replacement vape pods to help your decision.



Where to buy JUUL Pods in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii?


Vape Store Locator: VOLCANO eCigs Kihei


1215 South Kihei Road, Unit L



Store Hours:


9:00AM – 9PM (Monday – Sunday)



JUUL Vape Pods or SOL Vape Pods: Which is right for you?



Replacement Pod Size: 


SOL Replacement Pods: 2ML

JUUL Replacement Pods: 0.7ML


SOL brand replacement pods knock JUUL off the charts in the amount of nicotine salt juice that each pod has. SOL Vape Pods contain 2MLs of vape juice compared to only 0.7MLs inside JUUL Pods. From each SOL Pod, a user can expect up to 400 puffs versus only 200 puffs from the JUUL pod for a much longer vaping time, less waste and more value for your money.


Nicotine Concentration:


SOL Replacement Pods: 50MG (5% nicotine)

JUUL Replacement Pods: 50MG (5% nicotine)


The SOL and JUUL vape pods feature a 5% nicotine content or 50MG per pod. Though the strength of these pods seems very high, because nicotine salts are specially formulated, vaping 50MG is a satisfying, smooth and enjoyable experience, without the harsh feel of vaping regular freebase e-juices.


Variety of Flavors:


SOL Pods: SOL Pods are available in 5 different flavors perfect for those who seek a hassle-free daily vaping experience. SOL Vape Pods are currently in Mango, Spearmint, Tobacco, Watermelon and Mystery Pop.


JUUL Pods: JUUL Pods feature a few more options with flavor choices from fruit, dessert, menthol, tobacco and candy—the flavor options are endless for those who like to switch things up on a daily basis.


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