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3 Electrician-Recommended Safety Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights December 15, 2018

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3 Electrician-Recommended Safety Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights, Newark, Ohio

Whether you go all out with your holiday lighting decorations or prefer a more subdued theme, it’s essential to practice electrical safety. Before you display lighting, have an electrician inspect your wiring to pinpoint potential fire hazards and prevent accidents. The list below discusses several precautions you can take to keep your household safe during the holiday season.

3 Safety Tips for Using Christmas Lights

1. Don’t Leave Lights On Unattended

It’s very simple: when you leave your home, turn off the Christmas lights. This applies to indoor and outdoor lighting installations that run throughout the evening. If you tend to forget to turn off the lights, consider using a timer that will run for a specific period before shutting off automatically.

2. Don’t Use Unsupported Outlets

ElectricianElectrical outlets that are loose or don’t provide enough power should be repaired before use. Overloaded outlets pose a safety risk and can overheat, trip the circuit breaker box, or spark a fire. Make sure an electrician examines the problem and repairs the outlets before you plug your Christmas lights in.

3. Be Careful With Extension Cords

Melted snow and ice can damage extension cords, so be careful where you place them outdoors. Keep cords dry, and use surge protectors with a built-in circuit breaker to prevent damage. Don’t plug more than three strands of lights into the power strip, so you can regulate how much voltage is used. Learn the maximum watt capacity for each circuit and be sure not to exceed the limit.


When you need experienced electricians and lighting contractors, turn to the experts at Gutridge Electric in Newark, OH. With over 35 years in business, you can trust their skilled and reliable team to provide quality electrical repair, upgrades, and installation services throughout Licking County. To schedule an appointment, call (740) 349-7624 or visit the website to learn more about their electrical services.

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