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4 Signs You Could Have a Bladder Infection December 20, 2018

West Farms, Bronx
4 Signs You Could Have a Bladder Infection, Bronx, New York

Did you know bladder infections — also referred to as urinary tract infections or UTIs — result in over 10 million doctor visits every year? While this ailment can be inconvenient and uncomfortable, the good news is that a health care provider can quickly diagnose the issue and provide relief in the form of antibiotics. If you’re debating whether to visit a walk-in clinic for help, here are a few signs you could have a bladder infection.

4 Indicators You Should See a Doctor About a Bladder Infection

1. Painful Urination

When unwanted bacteria reach the urethra — a condition called cystitis — it becomes inflamed and irritated. Thus, one of the initial signs you’ll notice is a burning or stinging sensation when you relieve yourself. This feeling can persist with every trip to the restroom until you seek treatment from a doctor.

2. Frequent Need to Urinate

DoctorIn tandem with urination pain, you may feel the urge to relieve yourself frequently throughout the day. This is a sign of interstitial cystitis or inflammation of bladder muscle layers. This symptom can be particularly frustrating as you may experience the urge to urinate, and your bladder may contain very little liquid.

3. Cloudy or Foul Smelling Urine

When urinating, pay attention to the appearance and odor. Clear to mild-yellow urine that’s odorless means your bladder is healthy. If there’s an ammonia smell and the liquid appears to be cloudy, visit your doctor to discuss your symptoms, as you likely have a buildup of bacteria that your system is attempting to flush out.

4. Abdominal Pain

As unwanted bacteria reach your bladder and urethra and continue to thrive, the inflammation will lead to abdominal pain just above the pelvic bone. As the condition worsens and the infection spreads to the kidneys, this pain may spread to your lower back as well.


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