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3 Possible Reasons for Your Flat Tire December 19, 2018

Eastside, Paterson
3 Possible Reasons for Your Flat Tire, Paterson, New Jersey

If you don’t notice a flat tire when your car is parked, you might feel the damage when you’re on the road. While driving, the deflated rubber could make it difficult to accelerate or cause the vehicle to shift to the side. Continuing to drive with a flat is dangerous, which is why you should pull out the spare or call roadside assistance for help. Knowing the typical reasons for flats, highlighted here, could help you avoid ending up in the same situation.

3 Common Causes of Flat Tires

1. Road Debris

Although sometimes unavoidable, try not to drive over objects in the road. Twigs, sharp rocks, glass, and other debris on the pavement could puncture the tire rubber, leading to a flat. Driving near construction sites should also be avoided if possible. Nails and metal fragments in the mess could become embedded in the tires, cause the rubber to rupture, or leak air slowly.

2. Slow Leak

flat-tireIn addition to driving over sharp objects, the condition of the tire valve stem could also cause air leakage. If the stem wasn’t screwed tight enough after inflating the tires, air will slowly seep out. If the part is damaged, corroded, or caked in dirt, it won’t be able to provide an airtight seal, which could also cause a flat.

3. Extreme Heat or Cold

Outside temperatures could lead to flat tires. In extreme heat, driving over hot pavement causes the air in tires to expand. The spike in internal pressure could cause a massive blowout. Otherwise, the strain on the rubber could cause it to crack and leak air as you drive. Similarly, cold temperatures cause air to contract, leading to a drop in tire pressure, which could cause air loss and flats later. Monitoring tire pressure during heatwaves and cold spells could prevent these concerns.


If any of these conditions have led to a flat tire, the technicians at 21 Ave Tire Repair in Paterson, NJ, will help you find high-quality replacements that suit your car and driving style. The company is known in Passaic County for selling and installing new tires by Michelin®, Firestone®, Goodyear®, and other leading manufacturers. They will also provide tire repairs and share seasonal maintenance tips to protect your investments and prevent dangerous issues while driving. To inquire about the inventory, call (973) 225-0923, or visit the shop online for a complete list of brands they carry.

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