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Top 3 Signs You Need Bed Bug Treatment for Your Home December 21, 2018

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Top 3 Signs You Need Bed Bug Treatment for Your Home, Dayton, Ohio

Most people detect bed bugs too late, when the tiny insects have already invaded their home. However, there are a few ways to know if these tiny pests are present. Knowing and watching out for signs of bed bugs can help you get bed bug treatment started before it’s too late.

3 Ways to Know You Need Bug Treatment

1. Welts on Your Body

Bed bugs are notorious for leaving small, itchy red bite marks on your body. You might mistake them for another kind of insect bite, but a tell-tale sign is that the bites tend to come in multiples, leaving a group of small-to-medium welts on your skin. They tend to bite any exposed skin while you’re sleeping, and it’s not unusual to see bites scattered from your head to your feet.

2. Unusual Marks on Linens

bed bug treatmentIf you suspect you may have bed bugs, carefully examine your bed and sheets. Having white or light colored sheets can make it easier to spot dark droppings that bed bugs leave behind. They will also leave urine marks. Note that bed bugs also shed their skin many times as they mature and may leave these dark shell casings on your sheets and pillows. When feeding, bed bugs also often leave blood stains that may turn into orange or dark brown marks on white sheets.

3. Odd Smell in the Room

Smell can also be a helpful indicator of an infestation and can help you decide if you need a bed bug treatment. If bed bugs are present, you may notice a sweet and moldy smell are you enter the room or as you lay down on the bed. A hoard of beg bugs can emit a strong, musty smell behind, similar to coriander. This moldy smell is due to the bugs’ bodies releasing pheromones and can only be detected when you have a large enough infestation in your home.


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