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5 Common Truck Issues in Winter December 19, 2018

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5 Common Truck Issues in Winter, Rochester, New York

Cold weather can affect vehicles in various ways. With winter on the way, it is crucial to know what to watch for as you operate your truck. Here are the most common reasons you may need truck repairs this season and what you should know about these issues.

Frequent Winter Truck Repairs

1. Tire Pressure

truck repairAs temperatures drop, so does tire pressure. A tire that is not properly inflated will not drive well, especially on slick, icy roads. Under-inflation can lead to blowouts and accidents on roads already compromised by inclement weather. Check tire pressure weekly to ensure your tires are at the manufacturer’s recommended pressure level.

2. Battery

The cold can drain your battery much quicker than in warmer seasons. Before the winter hits, have your battery inspected by a truck repair technician to ensure connections are good and fluid levels are fine. If the battery is old, replace it to ensure you get through the winter. To prolong the life, try to park your truck in a garage to slow down the drain.

3. Fluids

Dropping temperatures cause fluids like engine oil, steering and brake fluids, and antifreeze to get thicker, which interferes with your truck’s function. If places like the engine are not getting proper lubrication, components will suffer wear and tear from too much friction. Thickened fluids can also put excess pressure on internal seals.

4. Wipers

Windshield wipers are critical in winter, but if they freeze to your truck or suffer damage from large amounts of ice, they will not do their job. Inspect current wipers and make sure they are not frayed or damaged. You may also opt for winter wipers specifically engineered for handling ice. Even if you choose seasonal wipers, it is best to remove as much accumulation from your glass as possible before switching them on.

5. Salt Damage

Road salt is necessary for melting snow and ice on highways and local streets, but the substance can corrode metal components on your vehicle’s undercarriage and wheel wells if not cleaned off regularly. As you drive, salt can kick up into other areas of your truck, such as the brakes, and that corrosion can make driving unsafe.


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