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3 Reasons Your Child Needs Regular Teeth Cleanings December 21, 2018

Passaic, Passaic
3 Reasons Your Child Needs Regular Teeth Cleanings, Passaic, New Jersey

Teeth cleanings are an essential part of oral hygiene, and because your child’s mouth is constantly developing, it’s imperative they get the care they require. Dentists play a crucial role in keeping their mouth healthy and establishing a foundation for proper dental care. Here are a few benefits of taking your child for bi-annual visits. 

What Are the Benefits of Regular Teeth Cleanings for Children? 

1. Deep Cleaning

Brushing, flossing, and rinsing are all beneficial for your teeth, but even for adults, they can’t completely remove plaque and bacteria. During teeth cleanings, your child’s dentist will clean all the hard-to-reach areas where food gets trapped and cavities form. Younger children often have difficulty cleaning these areas because they aren’t as adept with a toothbrush and floss yet, making teeth cleanings even more important.

2. Education

teeth-cleanings-smile-central-dentalTeeth cleanings aren’t just about sprucing up your child’s smile. During each session, the dentist will dedicate time to educate your child about the importance of oral care and how to improve their current dental regimen. They can demonstrate how to brush and floss properly, share ideas on how to build effective oral care plans, and offer advice on healthy eating.

3. Healthy Tooth Development

As your child loses baby teeth and their adult teeth come in, your dentist will ensure their mouth develops correctly. It only takes one cavity to cause big-picture problems, and more serious issues like gum disease can require long-term remediation. Teeth cleanings ensure your child’s mouth stays healthy so they can look forward to a lifetime of beautiful smiles. 


If you’re ready to schedule your child’s first dental exam, the professionals at Smile Central Dental in Paterson, NJ, can assist. They’re committed to creating a welcoming, comfortable environment for patients, and provide services ranging from teeth cleanings and general care to orthodontics and emergency treatment — all of which you can explore on their website. Call (973) 742-4200 today to schedule an exam and connect with them on Facebook for regular dental care advice.

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