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5 Benefits of Learning Spanish in Preschool December 18, 2018

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5 Benefits of Learning Spanish in Preschool, Brookline, Massachusetts

During early childhood education, students develop and strengthen their communication skills. Attending a bilingual preschool can further this education by offering students the chance to develop speaking, comprehension, and writing skills in two languages. Here are five of the main benefits of bilingual learning to help you decide if your little one should enroll in a bilingual preschool. 

Why Learning Spanish is Beneficial for Your Preschooler 

1. Improved Multitasking

Children who learn two languages are constantly flipping between them while listening to people speak or reading books. This means they are better at multitasking, a skill that is beneficial educationally. As the child begins to translate English to Spanish, they’ll develop natural language multitasking skills that can benefit their academic development. 

2. Better Understanding of English

preschoolLearning a second language doesn’t just help a child gain skills in that language, they’ll also further expand their native tongue. Since Spanish and English share Latin roots, children who speak both languages will expand their vocabulary. As they begin to translate words from English to Spanish, the child will explore the English language further and absorb a larger English vocabulary. 

3. Improved Memory

Children who speak two languages have a better working memory. This means they can mentally calculate, comprehend what they’re reading, and process information quicker than those who only speak one language.

4. Communication Skills

For children in English-speaking households, gaining Spanish skills can improve their ability to communicate with people in their community as well as abroad. This ability will offer them a better cultural understanding and the potential for more job opportunities as they grow. 

5. Better Standardized Testing Scores

While you may not be thinking about standardized test scores when your child is in preschool, they can still work toward earning good scores while they’re young. Studies show that students who study foreign languages well into high school have better SAT-verbal scores, as well as English and Math ACT scores. Encourage your child to keep active in their bilingual learning to gain this benefit.



Families looking for a safe, nurturing preschool for their children should contact Tiny World Child Care Inc. in Norfolk County, MA, to learn about their early childhood enrollment. The bilingual caring staff teaches students English and Spanish, as well as inquisitive learning, music, and science. Call (617) 232-0115 to ask about their available programs for infants through pre-K students or visit their website to fill out a user-friendly contact form. 

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