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3 Tips For Garage Door Safety December 18, 2018

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3 Tips For Garage Door Safety , Summerfield, North Carolina

Many homeowners don’t give their garage much of a thought until a problem occurs. However, garage doors are heavy mechanical structures that present a number of potential hazards. To protect the safety and security of your household, keep the following tips in mind when operating yours.

How to Practice Safety With Your Garage Door

1. Keep Kids & Pets Clear of a Moving Door

Children and pets should never be near an open or moving door. Teach your kids the importance of garage door safety. They should not touch pulleys, cables, or springs; if a component were to catch on their body or clothing, it could cause a serious injury. The door remote and security keypad must also be kept out of reach. 

2. Always Hire a Professional for Repair

garage doorsRepair should never be left to anyone but a professional. While you may want to save money, some of the components in a garage door system can be dangerous to repair if you don’t have the right tools, mechanical knowledge, or safety training. For example, if you disconnect the wrong cable, the torsion spring may snap and cause the door to fall quickly.  

3. Keep an Eye out for Warning Signs

Like any mechanical system, your garage door needs your attention. Once a month or so, look for signs of wear and tear on the cables and springs. Squeaking springs need to be lubricated, while frayed cables must be replaced by a licensed technician. If you have trouble opening or closing a door, schedule repair immediately, as this indicates an off-balance spring system. 


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