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3 Common Winter Plumbing Issues & How to Avoid Them December 18, 2018

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3 Common Winter Plumbing Issues & How to Avoid Them, Ontario, New York

Winter is the best time of year to sip hot cocoa and get cozy in front of the fireplace. However, it’s also the worst time for your residential plumbing system. Dropping temperatures leave your home vulnerable to several problems such as burst pipes and water heater breakdowns. As an extra precaution for the upcoming months, here is an overview of common winter plumbing issues and how to avoid them.

3 Types of Winter Plumbing Issues

1. Clogged Drains

The holiday season is a popular time for hosting family gatherings. The increase in foot traffic and food preparation, however, is tough on your plumbing. To prevent excess oils and grease from clogging up the drain, allow these liquids to solidify; then, toss them in the garbage. Also, keep an empty wastebasket in the bathroom to prevent guests from flushing anything other than toilet paper down the toilet.

2. Frozen Pipes

plumbingDrastic temperature drops can cause the water within your pipes to freeze. Unfortunately, this problem can go unnoticed until it escalates. When water freezes, it also expands. With enough built-up pressure, a frozen pipe will burst, releasing large amounts of water and causing significant damage. To avoid this, keep the heat on even when you’re away. Wrap your pipes with insulation to prevent them from freezing over.

3. Water Heater Failure

During the winter, the cold water coming into the tank causes the temperature of the still water to drop. As a result, the heater must work harder to raise and maintain the temperature of the water in the tank. Excessive wear may eventually lead to failure. To put less strain on your heater so it can function at peak condition, set the temperature to a reasonable 120 degrees and reduce your water usage.


If you find yourself facing these or any other plumbing emergencies this season, the team at John Lockwood Plumbing is here to help. For over 40 years, they’ve been providing home and business owners of Ontario, NY, with effective repair solutions at affordable rates. The family-owned business can also assist with plumbing and gas line installations for new properties. When it’s time to schedule an appointment with a plumber or request a free estimate, call (585) 265-0736. Visit their website for a full list of services they offer.

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