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5 Ways Ballet Improves Your Physical & Mental Health July 7, 2015

Tribeca, Manhattan
5 Ways Ballet Improves Your Physical & Mental Health, Manhattan, New York

At Moving Visions Dance in Tribeca, ballet is about so much more than twirling in tutus. It’s a disciplined art, aimed at building long, lean muscles, increasing stamina and developing flexibility. Here are five mental and physical health improvements ballet students, both young and old, can expect from training at the studio:

  • Toned Muscles: Sure, ballet looks pretty, but that grace requires hours of stretching and resistance exercises, which result in gorgeous, toned muscles. Moving Visions Dance's floor barre classes help correct alignment, elongate muscles and support the spine, so students will develop strong abdominal muscles, toned thighs and lifted bums.
  • Balance: As children’s bodies grow and change, their sense of balance shifts, which can make them clumsy at times. Ballet classes for kids teach proper spinning technique, spatial awareness and coordination. Moving Visions Dance welcomes students ages four and up.
  • Flexibility: From pliés to pirouettes, ballet positions increase flexibility from head to toe. Students will also enjoy improved posture and reduced risk of musculoskeletal problems.
  • Discipline: Ballet is a rigorous, precise sport that demands its students be on time and dedicated to the practice. In turn, students are less likely to give up in other areas of life, including eating healthfully and reaching academic and career goals.
  • Confidence: Beginners may struggle to achieve proper form during their first class, but the instructors at Moving Visions Dance offer one-on-one assistance to help students learn and improve. Students also support each other, which builds teamwork and cooperation. After practicing regularly, students will feel better about their bodies and abilities. Some may even be ready to star in The Nutcracker!

From an improved state of mind to a tight, toned body, the health and wellness benefits of ballet classes are endless. Schedule your first class at Moving Visions Dance by calling (212) 608-7681 or visiting the dance studio's website.

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