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Do You Wear Eyeglasses? What You Need to Know About Vision Insurance December 18, 2018

Rochester, Monroe
Do You Wear Eyeglasses? What You Need to Know About Vision Insurance, Rochester, New York

If you have vision insurance, figuring out what it covers can be challenging. However, doing so is essential before ordering eyeglasses or contact lenses so you can be sure how much they’ll cost out of pocket. Although every vision plan is different, there are ways to make the most of whatever coverage you do have. Here is what you should know about purchasing eyeglasses through insurance. 

Benefits May Expire Annually 

Regardless of whether you obtained the vision policy through an employer, a government program, or an individual provider, some or all of its benefits will likely expire at the end of every year. In other words, if the policy covers annual eye exams and eyeglasses but you do not take advantage of either during the calendar year, they will not roll over to the next year. Once the policy resets, you will still be allotted just one exam and a single pair of eyeglasses or whatever else the plan includes. As a  result, it’s wise to review your policy every fall and apply any benefits that you have yet to use before the year is out. 

Coverage Can Be Complicated 

eyeglassesIt’s critical to confirm what your plan covers prior to ordering eyeglasses so you can budget for your portion of the expenses if necessary. First, make sure the policy covers corrective eyewear. If it does, review which components are included. Most plans will cover an annual exam, for example, but the similarities essentially end there. Some policies include only the frames while others include the frames and standard lenses. Still, other plans cover Transition(R) lenses and special anti-glare coatings. Finally, some policies do not cover any specific portion of the glasses at all but do provide a set dollar amount toward the purchase, such as $100 or $200. 


If you need new eyeglasses, turn to Alexander Eye Associates & Optical in Monroe County, NY. Their knowledgeable team will help you understand what your policy covers, so there are no surprises when your new glasses are ready. They also offer a huge selection of prescription sunglasses, as well as clip-on and wraparound lenses to fit around your regular eyewear. To request an appointment, contact them on their website or call (585) 325-3070. 

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