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How to Protect an Apple®️ Device From Viruses   December 18, 2018

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How to Protect an Apple®️ Device From Viruses   , King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

When it comes to purchasing new or used Apple®️ products, many consumers rest easy under the assumption that these devices can never become infected with viruses. While it’s true that PCs are considerably more susceptible to viruses, it doesn’t mean iPhone®️ devices, iPad®️ tablets, and Mac®️ computers can never fall victim to a security breach. Here are a few helpful tips to keep your devices safe.

3 Steps to Protect a Used Apple Product From Viruses

1. Keep Up With Updates

One of the most important steps an Apple user can take to keep their device virus-free is to stay on top of the latest iOS updates. Installing these as they become available ensures your device is equipped with bug fixes that patch newly discovered issues. Failing to do so gives hackers the opportunity to capitalize on these holes in security and access information on your device.

2. Think Before You Click

used Apple productsAnother security mistake consumers often make is to blindly click on unfamiliar links without stopping to consider where they lead. Whether it’s sent via a foreign email address or a pop-up in your web browser, clicking on an unverified link puts your Apple device at risk. The moment the page loads, a malicious site can attack your device before you realize what’s happened.

3. Maintain Strong Passwords

Apple users who are concerned with keeping their devices virus-free may also want to consider their passwords. Are all of your passwords the same? Is your go-to password a short string of numbers or letters? The easier your password is to crack, the easier it can be for malicious hackers to break through your device’s security wall and pose a threat.


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