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3 Tips to Boost Business Security During the Holiday Season December 18, 2018

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3 Tips to Boost Business Security During the Holiday Season, Manhattan, New York

The time leading up to the holidays is often bustling with activity for many companies, as managers host onsite employee lunches and client events to show appreciation for their hard work and loyalty. Many staffers also take vacation days throughout the holiday season, which means fewer people might be in the office until the new year. With the changes in day-to-day activity, it’s important to remind employees to use access control systems and take additional steps to keep the workplace safe from burglary and vandalism. 

3 Ways to Keep Your Business Secure During the Holidays

1. Go Over Procedures With Employees 

To ensure all assets are still in the office after the holiday break, go over security policies with the entire team. The list of procedures should include where to store confidential paperwork and valuables, as well as what areas are on- and off-limits for visitors. Some employees might prop doors open to welcome guests and prevent lockouts. However, doing so could make it easy for strangers to sneak in. To prevent lockouts, make sure all authorized personnel have codes for keypad locks and access control systems.

2. Alert Alarm Company to Changes in Business Operating Hours

The company that monitors your business’s alarms and surveillance cameras should have a schedule of when you’ll be closed during the holidays. This way, they’ll know an increase in activity should be cause for concern. They should also have the personal phone numbers of contacts to call in case they do detect tampering with locks and access control systems or additional disturbances. 

3. Make Sure All Windows & Doors Lock Properly

New-York-New-York-access-control-systemsIf your business will be closed for a few days or longer during the holidays, make sure all doors and windows are locked before the last person leaves. If you’re worried about the quality of latches and electronic locks, have a locksmith check the fixtures. If needed, they will install new equipment to make your business virtually impenetrable to outside threats. 


If you need new locks or an access control system to keep your business protected during the holidays and every other time of year, contact the 24-hour locksmiths at ADA NY Locksmith. For 30 years, the company has been the go-to source for residential and commercial clients in New York City looking to reduce threats to their property and personal safety. To speak to an experienced member of the team, call (212) 689-1803. For more service details, visit them online or head to their physical store at 155 E. 26th St. today. 

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