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The 5 Most Popular Seafood Choices in the United States December 17, 2018

Harlem, Manhattan
The 5 Most Popular Seafood Choices in the United States, Manhattan, New York

Holiday appetizers, dinner with friends, and summer cookouts – Americans eat fish for many occasions. While there are countless varieties of seafood available, certain options are more popular than others. Based on consumption per capita, the following are the most popular types of seafood in the United States.

Do You Eat These Popular Seafood Options?


This crustacean remains at the top of the list, appearing on American tables in many forms. From shrimp cocktail to gumbo, you can enjoy shrimp as a refreshing appetizer or hearty meal staple. Home and restaurant chefs also bake, fry, boil, and grill this fish — even serving it raw in certain cuisines.


salmonAnother highly popular fish, salmon remains a popular meal option. Salmon has a strong flavor, often considered fishier than other varieties. Many chefs will smoke salmon for a vitamin-rich menu option, and home chefs can get creative with flavors as well. This fish is generally versatile, commanding a dish while still taking on your choice of seasoning.


Who doesn’t love a tuna sandwich? For many Americans, this affordable fish is a lunchtime staple. Tuna salad in all its varieties can generally please the whole family, but this fish is also delicious when grilled like a steak. Sushi lovers enjoy raw tuna in their favorite Japanese dishes as well.


Tilapia is another staple in the American diet, making it the fourth most-consumed fish in the country. This freshwater fish is generally inexpensive and is simple to prepare. Tilapia is a delicious option for home chefs looking to start cooking seafood, and its mild flavor will satisfy your family and guests. Many restaurants will incorporate delicious and interesting flavors with this fish as well, so be sure to give it a try.

Alaskan Pollock

As its name suggests, this tasty fish is native to Alaska and offers a healthy meal solution. Often prepared in filets, Alaskan pollock pairs well with hearty vegetables and rice. Its flavor is often likened to cod, so you can expect a mild bite.


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