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3 Ways to Boost the Energy-Efficiency of Your Kitchen January 10, 2019

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3 Ways to Boost the Energy-Efficiency of Your Kitchen, Honolulu, Hawaii

From stoves to refrigerators and microwaves, the typical home kitchen is filled with electrical appliances used to prepare food and protect it from spoilage. Loose connections and faulty wiring could cause short-circuits and appliance damage, forcing equipment to work harder and drain more energy. Apart from having an electrician make sure the circuitry can handle the load, there are additional steps you can take to make your kitchen more energy-efficient.

3 Effective Strategies to Save Energy in the Kitchen

1. Turn Off Heat-Producing Appliances Early

Honolulu-Hawaii-electricianAfter you turn off the oven or an electric burner, it takes a while for the fixtures to cool completely. Because appliances stay hot, you can turn them off early and use the residual heat to finish cooking food. If you forget to turn off the stove, set a timer as a reminder. If you can, power down the oven a few minutes before food is ready.

2. Readjust Temperatures on Refrigeration Equipment 

Lower temperature settings cause refrigeration equipment to consume more power. Keeping the thermostat between 35 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit will ensure food remains fresh without making interior compartments too cold. When placing items in the freezer, 0 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature setting recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy. You should also make sure equipment latches are secure, and seals are airtight. This will prevent refrigerated air from escaping and equipment from working harder than necessary.

3. Upgrade Kitchen Lighting

Many homeowners require varied lighting solutions to illuminate surfaces while cooking or provide ambiance when entertaining guests. Updating the kitchen lighting could cut down on energy costs. An electrician can install energy-efficient under-cabinet lights with fluorescent tubes, which use approximately a quarter of the electricity compared to halogen and incandescent counterparts. If you require both accent and task lighting, the electrician will also install recessed fixtures on the ceiling. They will recommend ENERGY STAR®-rated compact fluorescent lamps, which burn less energy than incandescent bulbs.


Whether you require home electrical repair, preventive maintenance, or lighting installation, the licensed electricians at AA Electric will boost the efficiency of every room in the house. Based in Honolulu, HI, the Electrical Contractor Association of Hawaii-affiliated crew will also make sure your residential electrical system meets requirements set by the state. They’ll also provide tips to prevent dangerous malfunctions. To schedule electrical services on Oahu, call (808) 841-4131. Connect with the qualified electricians online for a complete list of ways they’ll maintain system efficiency and property comfort.

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