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5 Romantic Occasions to Celebrate With Couples Dance Lessons December 17, 2018

Hamden, New Haven County
5 Romantic Occasions to Celebrate With Couples Dance Lessons, Hamden, Connecticut

Learning how to dance with your significant other gives you the opportunity to share a romantic pastime. It’s never a bad time to take up lessons at a dance studio, but certain occasions can make it all the more special. Here are some milestones and events that can be enhanced by couples dance lessons.

5 Perfect Occasions for Couples Dance Lessons

1. Engagement

You or your partner has finally popped the big question, and with that magical affirmation, it’s time to celebrate and prepare. Lessons from a professional dance studio will efficiently cover both. Both of you can dance the days away with the excitement of a promising future together while you learn how to dance properly for the coming wedding.

2. Birthday

dance studioWhen it’s time to celebrate the life of that special someone, why not give them the gift of romance? Your beloved’s birthday is meant to be all about them, so if they love dancing, treat them to lessons at a dance studio. They’ll love the thoughtful gesture, and you’ll get to spend quality time together.

3. Anniversary

No matter how long you’ve been together, there’s always something you can do to make this year’s anniversary better than the last. You could follow the standard yearly anniversary gift guide, going with the silverware theme one year and furniture the next, but it’s much more fun and adventurous to get out and dance.

4. Valentine’s Day

A box of chocolates and a bouquet of roses won’t be enough to complete your Valentine’s Day. You need an activity that will allow you and your beloved to connect on a deeper, more intimate level. By taking private dance lessons together, you’ll work together to achieve perfect rhythmic harmony.

5. Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be both exciting and overwhelming, so sometimes it helps to take your mind off of it while doing something productive. Exercise is a crucial part of staying healthy — pregnant or otherwise — and dance is the perfect gentle workout to keep you strong. At a dance studio, you and your partner can let loose, celebrate your pregnancy, and get some valuable exercise in.


Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just want to be the best couples on the dance floor, you should sign up for lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studio of the Greater New Haven area. This dance studio offers several programs of every skill level, all taught by certified professionals with years of experience. Lessons are privately instructed, meaning you get their full attention. With their helpful, personalized direction, feedback, and advice, you’ll reach your dance goals in no time. Learn more about the programs they offer on their website. Call (203) 288-2482 to ask about enrollment.

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