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Why Are My Windows Leaking? December 18, 2018

Greece, Monroe
Why Are My Windows Leaking?, Greece, New York

While you may rely on your windows for a regular glimpse of the world outside, you don’t want them letting in the elements that lurk there. Therefore, if you notice rainwater, melted snow, or simply air coming in through closed windows, it’s crucial to call for window replacement or repair right away. To navigate this issue with concern instead of panic, use the following guide to get informed.

What Causes Windows to Leak?

The most probable culprit behind your leaky windows—especially if they’re new—is faulty installation. If you didn’t thoroughly vet your window replacement contractor before hiring them, you might want to consider choosing a different company. However, if you do trust your choice and were offered a guarantee, call them as soon as you notice a leak.

In some cases, the window pane may not have been inserted into the frame properly. Other times, the caulking could be worn-out or insufficient. Caulk is the gel that hardens around openings to your home to seal out air and water, and it can deteriorate over time. As you inspect the caulk, look for water damage markings on your walls and ceiling—these might indicate a leak that doesn’t originate from the window at all.

How Can I Prevent This From Happening?

window replacementTo prevent your windows from leaky, your first priority should be hiring a reputable window installation contractor. Ask them to walk you through the process, and make sure they offer a warranty on their services, in case you find leaks in a few days or weeks. To be extra careful, ask that they install panes and frames that are designed to be weather-resistant, especially if you live in an area where rainfall or storms are common. Once the windows are installed, make sure the window replacement contractor seals them with caulk and checks for air leaks before leaving your home.


If you’re fed up with energy inefficiency and water damage caused by leaky windows, get in touch with Genesee Glass & Mirror of Rochester, NY. With over 40 years of experience, they will have the skillset and equipment to get the job done right the first time. Whether you need repairs or a full window replacement, call them at (585) 621-3580 to make an appointment. You can also learn more about the contractor by browsing their website.

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