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A Roofer Explains TPO & EPDM December 17, 2018

McKinney, Collin
A Roofer Explains TPO & EPDM, McKinney, Texas

If you’re looking for single-ply synthetic roofing, your roofer likely has multiple options. TPO and EPDM are the two main types available. Because they are both made of large, flexible sheets of synthetic material, they are similar in appearance and usually fall into the same price range. Both are excellent for flat roofs and can deal with exposure to UV light and changes in the weather. However, each one has different strengths. Here’s what you should know before making your decision.


TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin. One of TPO’s biggest benefits is that it is reflective to sunlight, significantly lowering your building’s cooling cost. Pieces of TPO are fused together using heat, which is good news if you need repairs, as patches can be welded directly in place with a heat gun. While it does have a slightly shorter life span, it also has greater puncture resistance due to a central reinforced layer and comes in a wider variety of colors, including white, gray, tan, and some less common specialty colors.


RoofersEthylene propylene diene monomer is the older and more time-tested single-ply roofing option. Where TPO is usually chemically adhered, your roofer can attach EPDM with screws or glue, and special heavy-duty tape is used to reinforce the seams. EPDM only comes in black, so there is a limited range of aesthetic styles possible. However, this coloration is due to added carbon black, which makes the material more resistant to deterioration from UV exposure. It can last up to 25 years, longer than TPO or asphalt shingles, which makes it a cost-effective choice.


To start your single-ply roof installation or roof replacement, call Sandberg Contracting in McKinney, TX. For more than 20 years, this Collin County roofer has provided high-quality materials which can stand up to the area’s storms. For a roofing company which will serve you with integrity, call them today at (972) 989-8100 or get in touch online.

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