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A Guide to Homeowners Insurance & Frozen Pipes December 19, 2018

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A Guide to Homeowners Insurance & Frozen Pipes, Demorest, Georgia

Many consumers assume that they’re covered as long as they maintain an active homeowners insurance policy. However, there are certain responsibilities that come along with these policies when it comes to handling frozen pipes within your home. Below are some important items about your coverage that you should know. 

What You Need to Know About Homeowners Insurance & Frozen Pipes

What Is Actually Covered

Though you might think that frozen pipes will be covered by your policy, this is a grey area that most homeowners aren’t aware of. Frozen burst pipes are considered a water damage claim to insurance carriers. Most carriers will pay for cleanup, repairs, and replacement for water-damaged carpets and flooring, furnishings, electronics, and most personal belongings. Renovation and reconstruction are also typically covered after the pipes have been mended. What’s not covered? The actual plumbing and pipe replacement. Though it seems nonsensical, most homeowners insurance policies only cover the resulting water damage if your pipes burst. 

Why Documentation Is so Important

homeowners insuranceWhen assessing the damage, your insurance carrier will want to make sure that you’ve taken all possible precautions to prevent against frozen pipes within your home. To prove this to the adjuster, be sure to take detailed documentation of the measures you’ve taken to properly winterize your home. Take before and after photos of any insulation you placed around the piping. Keep all receipts from plumbers and other household updates that you make to prepare your home for the colder weather. 

How the Homeowner Is Responsible

If the claims adjuster determines that you have not taken the appropriate measures to winterize your home, you may be held liable for all damages. To protect yourself, create a dialogue with an insurance agent to discuss the details of your homeowners insurance policy and determine how to prepare pipes for the winter. 


Understanding the ins and outs of your homeowners insurance policy can get confusing. That’s why it’s best to have a trustworthy insurance agent on your side. The expert team at Advantage Insurers specializes in helping you find the best coverage package for your needs. Whether you’re in the market for homeowners insurance, business, or any other policy, they’re here to help. Call them today at (706) 754-1590 or visit their website for more information. 

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