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3 Plumbing Tips for People Living Alone December 14, 2018

Norwalk, Fairfield County
3 Plumbing Tips for People Living Alone, Norwalk, Connecticut

When you move into your first house or apartment by yourself, it also means you’re in charge of handling all household chores, including plumbing issues. Whether you’re faced with a clogged drain or wonky toilet, it’s crucial that you know some of the basics of plumbing-related house care.

Plumbing Advice for First-Time Tenants

1. Acquire Basic Tools

The most fundamental plumbing tool to buy is a toilet plunger. Anytime you’re faced with a clog, the plunger is your first line of defense. It’s also worth buying a plumber’s snake. When you have a clogged drain, you can insert the implement into the piping to break up the blockage. Finally, consider purchasing a basin wrench, which is a tool perfect for loosening the nuts below your sink if you’re ever having a problem with your faucet.

2. Treat Your Drains & Toilets With Care

clogged drainEven though the toilet can seem like a convenient garbage can, the only thing you should ever toss into it is toilet paper. Other items — especially floss and baby wipes — have the capacity to create troublesome clogs. And, if you do find one of your pipes blocked, avoid the temptation to run to the store and buy a powerful commercial drain cleaner. They destroy the useful bacteria that make your septic system work, and, in some cases, they can even corrode your pipes. It’s a better practice to try out your plumber’s snake or call a plumber you trust.

3. Research a Respected Plumber

Whether you’re faced with a stubbornly clogged drain or something worse — like sewage streaming out of your toilet — you should always have the number of a reliable plumber on speed dial. Even though everything may be working well when you move in, that’s the perfect time to call around and interview a few specialists. After you feel comfortable with your choice, you’ll always be able to call.


The next time you’re facing a persistent plumbing problem, don’t hesitate to reach out to a respected rooter service like All Star Rooter, Sewer and Drain Cleaning, which operates in and around Fairfield County, CT. Serving Stamford, Darien, and Greenwich, the fully licensed and insured company can help you troubleshoot clogged drains, clogged toilets, and other issues. Bringing over 20 years of experience, the veteran team will even help you learn some best practices to avoid related problems in the future. You can set up an appointment by calling (203) 286-4498 or sending a message through the drain service company’s website.

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