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3 Radiant Tips for Maintaining Your Skin After a Facial December 17, 2018

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3 Radiant Tips for Maintaining Your Skin After a Facial , Hartford, Connecticut

Whether it’s for age spot treatment or exfoliation, getting a facial is one of the best ways to unwind while caring for your skin, but you can ruin its efficacy by not following proper care steps after. With advanced facials – such as chemical face peels – it’s especially crucial to care for your skin after to avoid breakouts and irritation. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your facial.

How to Care for Your Skin Post-Facial

1. Follow Their Advice

Whatever your dermatologist or aesthetician recommends you do after your facial, you should listen. With chemical face peels, especially, your skin will be sensitive after your treatment; not following their recommendations can lead to rashes, breakouts, tenderness, mild swelling, and other unpleasant side effects. You also risk lessening the beneficial effects of the treatment if you don’t properly care for your skin after, losing out on the fullness, clarity, and blemish-reduction effects of it. Use any products that they give you as recommended, and if you’re worried you won’t remember specific care details, request a written list of instructions.

2. Avoid Direct Sunlight

chemical face peelsUV rays are harsh on the skin on a normal day, but facials and chemical face peels often include exfoliation and substances that make your skin raw and sensitive. This heightens your face’s photosensitivity, making it more vulnerable to sunburn and skin irritation caused by UV rays. Don’t expose your face to direct sunlight at all for 24 hours following your facial. After the first day, limit your exposure for a week or so, and use a gentle sunscreen made specifically for sensitive skin. Using chemically harsh sunscreen or spending too much time in the sun can cause discomfort, stinging, redness, and other facial irritation.

3. Wash & Apply Makeup With Discretion

Since your face is more sensitive after your treatment, you’ll need to be mindful of how you treat it and what products you use on it. You should avoid wearing makeup for a few days following your facial, and only use light, gentle cosmetics for the weeks following your facial for the best results. When you’re washing your face, take care not to scrub too hard or use a harsh soap filled with chemicals. Otherwise, you risk experiencing a breakout or bad reaction — even to products you’ve used before.


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