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What Makes the JUUL® E-Cigarette So Popular? December 11, 2018

Waiakoa Ahupua`a, Kihei
What Makes the JUUL® E-Cigarette So Popular? , Kihei, Hawaii

There’s been a quick rise in popularity for the JUUL® e-cigarette, a sleek new device changing the game for vape aficionados and new vapers alike. From those who want to quit traditional tobacco cigarettes to those who want to upgrade their existing devices to a more sophisticated model, the JUUL offers a smooth experience for everyone. So, just what makes this e-cigarette so popular?

Designed By Smokers

As smokers themselves, the inventors behind the JUUL created the device with a smoker’s needs in mind. Unlike other models on the market, the compact device delivers approximately the same amount of nicotine per cartridge as a pack of cigarettes, which means smokers can enjoy the same satisfying experience without the harmful chemicals. The JUUL uses pharmaceutical grade nicotine, which is combined with benzoic acid to create an experience most reflective of tobacco. 

“Beautiful, Safe…Flat-Out Better”

vapeWired® said it “might just be the first great e-cig,” dubbing it “beautiful, safe, and just flat-out better” than competitors. Those who prioritize features like ease of usability and sleek, minimalist aesthetics will find this device handy.

It can easily slip into your pocket, and you don’t need to waste time cleaning it or attaching complicated components. Instead, when you use up all the “vape juice,” you simply attach a replacement pod with the juice of your choice: fruit medley, cool mint, or cool cucumber. The device charges on a magnetic dock, which slides into any USB port. The charge lasts for hours, so you can juice up and enjoy your JUUL for days to come. 


Try the JUUL for yourself when you head to VOLCANO eCigs in Honolulu, HI. You can also purchase the JUUL replacement pods on the business’ website. As Hawaii’s first and top-rated vape shop, the destination always stocks the latest and best devices, e-juices, and accessories in the industry. Find a location near you online. If you have any questions, call a helpful team member at (866) 866-6370. 

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