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The 5 Most Common Ductwork Problems December 18, 2018

Farmersville, Montgomery
The 5 Most Common Ductwork Problems, Farmersville, Ohio

If your HVAC system isn’t keeping your home comfortable or is becoming expensive to run, heating system repair will get it working as intended. One of the most common problems needing repairs is an issue with the ducts carrying warm air through your home. Here are some of the ductwork issues you’re likely to run into and how your heating contractor will solve them.

5 Ductwork Issues That Cost Heat

1. Leaks

The more that air seeps out from unsealed joints and loose register covers, the less effectively your heating works. Fixing these issues can be as simple as taping over a joint, but first, your heating system repair professional will have to identify the leaks.

2. Poor Design

If your ductwork is unnecessarily long, the passages are incorrectly sized, or if it’s built and shaped in a way which restricts airflow to some areas, your heating loses a major portion of its efficiency. Have a professional evaluation done, as you may need to have some sections or the entire system replaced.

3. Pinched or Damaged Ducts

Flexible ducts are especially prone to damage which either reduces airflow or lets air escape. A simple heating system repair in this case would mean patching or replacing them with more flexible duct material, but for a more durable fix, you can also consider installing rigid ducts.

4. Improper Insulation

No insulation or not enough insulation means the air flowing through the system cools significantly before reaching its destination. Adding another layer will preserve the heat and minimize the load on your furnace or heat pump, saving you money on electricity or fuel.

5. Dirty Ducts

heating system repairOver time, dust, pet hair, pollen, and other debris and allergens collect in your air system. As the dust builds up, it can affect air quality and narrow or block your ducts. As a rule of thumb, have your ducts professionally cleaned every three to five years or more often in homes with excessive dust and pet hair.


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