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3 Ways Custom Mirrors Can Update Your Home December 17, 2018

Waukesha, Waukesha
3 Ways Custom Mirrors Can Update Your Home, Waukesha, Wisconsin

If you want to update your home with interesting design features, custom-cut mirrors are the perfect way to add style. Mirrors can enhance living spaces by creating more light reflections and making small spaces look larger. Here are a few ways to include these unique design elements in your home. 

How to Enhance Your Home With Custom-Cut Mirrors 

1. Full-Sized Mirror in the Bathroom

It’s rare for homes to have a full-sized mirror in the bathroom, but it’s the perfect place to include one. If you have a vanity in your bath, you can increase the functionality of the space by adding a full-length glass mirror where you can try on your wardrobe and model different fashions. The mirror can be as tall as you desire to create a design effect that complements other aspects of the room.

2. Multiple Mirrors 

MirrorInstalling many different decorative mirrors in your hallway, living room, or dining room will create a modern look. You can opt for different sized mirrors grouped together, or create a wall collage of the same-sized custom glass in vertical or horizontal positions. If you have a glass chandelier, your lighting will play beautifully off all the mirrored surfaces.

3. Frameless Mirror on Closet Door

If you want to make the closet doors in your bedroom more functional than they already are, install mirrors on the front or inside. Mirrors can make the room look bigger or provide reflection to let you know when a family member enters the room if your back is turned. In addition, the design element will provide more ways to amplify the lighting in your bedroom.


When you want to update your home with custom glass and mirrors, turn to the experts at BGS Glass Service in Waukesha, WI. Since 1970, their experienced team has specialized in commercial glass jobs, residential window installations, and custom glass design. Whether you want frameless shower doors, new patio doors, a custom-cut mirror, or window repair, their skilled contractors will enhance your home with beautiful, creative designs. To learn more about their services, call (262) 513-2806 or visit them online today. 

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