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How to Handle Shared Custody During the Holidays December 13, 2018

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How to Handle Shared Custody During the Holidays, Milford, Pennsylvania

Getting through the holiday season after a divorce can be challenging. If kids are involved, it’s especially important to make them a priority as you navigate your first year after a separation. With a bit of extra effort and compromise with your former spouse, you can ensure you and your children have lovely holiday memories. 

A Guide to the Holidays for the Newly Divorced 

How to Prepare Before the Holidays

Planning is essential for a smooth holiday season post-divorce. Decide together with your ex how you will divide time. Kids could spend Thanksgiving with Mom and Christmas with Dad, for instance, and switch the following year. If you live close by, you can even share the day, for instance by spending Christmas morning with one parent and the afternoon with the other. 

divorceCommunicate with your ex regarding holiday events, too. A shared online calendar you can both edit ensures everyone knows about your child’s Christmas choir concerts or class parties. Finally, touch base regarding presents to make sure you don’t “double gift” items from your child’s wish list.

What to Do During the Festivities

When it comes to the holiday season itself, be prepared to compromise. Your ideal Friday night may not involve attending your daughter’s dance recital along with your ex and his new wife, but putting on a smile and going can mean a lot of your little one. 

If you’ll be with your child this holiday season, try to ensure they have as much fun as possible. Keep some familiar elements from holidays past, such as opening presents in a particular order, while adding new traditions all your own, such as making pancakes on Christmas morning. 

If you find yourself spending time alone when the kids are with your ex, don’t let yourself get lonely. Take advantage of your solo time by scheduling festive cocktails with colleagues, spending quality time with a friend you don’t see often, or simply appreciating a quiet night at home with a glass of wine. 


When determining child custody arrangements with your ex, it’s wise to incorporate holiday plans. A divorce lawyer can help you craft the perfect custody plan. For assistance in Milford, PA, trust Levy, Stieh, Gaughan & Baron PC. This law firm has been serving clients in the area for over 10 years, providing focused, knowledgeable legal counsel in a range of areas, including family law. Get an overview of their services online. To request a consultation, call (570) 296-8844.