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How to Protect & Maintain Your Septic Tank December 17, 2018

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How to Protect & Maintain Your Septic Tank, Kerrville, Texas

The septic tank is a part of a larger system that includes plumbing pipes and a drain field. This tank holds all of the waste from your household and separates it, sending it through the drain field to avoid polluting the groundwater. Help your tank do its job correctly and efficiently with regular septic cleaning, among other protective maintenance tasks.

How Can You Keep Your Septic Tank in Good Condition?

1. Know Its Location

Knowing where the tank is prevents you from parking over it, as the weight of vehicles can damage the tank and result in serious leaks and drain field issues. Another reason to locate the tank relates to landscaping, as certain trees, shrubs, and plants have lengthy root systems that can infiltrate your tank and make it leak.

2. Conserve Water

septic cleaningPractice water conservation in your home to not only lower your utility bills and help the environment but also protect your septic tank. Too much water places extra stress on the tank and overwhelms the adjoining drain field, which can interfere with proper drainage and leave harmful bacteria and enzymes on the ground surface.

3. Observe Good Flushing Practices

Don’t flush anything other than human waste and toilet paper in your toilets. Cotton swabs, paper towels, coffee grounds, cigarette butts, and feminine products are among the many objects that clog the tank and interfere with the natural breakdown of bacteria.

4. Keep Chemicals Out of the Drains

Refrain from pouring household chemicals down the drains and toilets since they also interfere with bacterial breakdowns. Additionally, do not use chemical additives that claim to clean the tank for the same reason; only septic cleaning services can safely remove sludge.

5. Schedule Routine Septic Cleaning

Schedule septic cleaning services every two to five years based on factors such as the number of people living in your home and how much water you use per week. Septic pumping services ensure your tank doesn’t get overloaded with solid waste, which can cause it to crack and leak. Overloaded tanks also leak solids into the drain field or cause them to back up into your plumbing system.


If you have not scheduled septic cleaning recently, now is the perfect time. A1 Septic Cleaning Service provides residential and commercial clients throughout Kerrville, TX, with the reliable, thorough services they need to maintain efficient plumbing systems, including septic line jetting and grease trap pumping. Call (830) 257-7867 today to schedule an appointment, or visit their website for more service information. 

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