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4 Types of Garage Door Springs to Consider December 14, 2018

Lexington, Davidson
4 Types of Garage Door Springs to Consider, Lexington, North Carolina

Springs are essential to garage door system. They simplify the process of lifting the heavy panels from the ground and provide just enough resistance to keep the door from completely crashing down. However, choosing the right product can be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the different options and the benefits they have to offer. Here’s a guide that should provide the information required to make a final decision.

4 Different Types of Garage Door Springs

1. Standard Torsion

garage doorThis is one of the most common products on the market. They’re mounted on an anchor bracket that’s located at the center of the shaft above the garage door. There’s also an offset mount available for these products that allows the springs to be installed along the sides of the garage if that’s preferred.

2. Extension

Extension springs are another popular option on the market. They are generally positioned along the top and parallel to the horizontal tracks of the garage door, creating slight tension within the cables as the panels move up and down. This acts as a counterbalance for the door to alleviate strain on the rest of the system.

3. EZ-Set Torsion

EZ-set torsion springs are similar in appearance to standard torsion springs but have entirely different hardware. The most noticeable contrast is the winders, which are installed at either end of the shaft and connect directly to the springs. They’re highly recommended for garages that have wide doorways and will help to stabilize the entire system.

4. TorqueMaster Torsion

These springs are recognized for their unique design. Rather than attaching components to the surface of the shaft, everything is neatly contained within the shaft itself. A stationary cone is attached inside to ensure that the spring remains in place, and a center support bracket is positioned along the shaft to provide necessary support.


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