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How to Tell If You're Out of Balance December 14, 2018

Pelican Bay, Naples
How to Tell If You're Out of Balance, Naples, Florida

Today, much of society takes pride in living fast-paced lives spent mostly at work. However, spending every moment emailing, posting on social media, and handling work-related tasks can be draining. Many life coaches help people who are experiencing this burnout relearn how to approach each day more mindfully. Here are five signs you’re out of balance and could benefit from setting up some sessions with a life coach.

5 Signs You’re Out of Balance

1. Difficulty Focusing

It’s natural to get distracted from the task at hand from time to time. However, if you’re constantly struggling to get through your work or personal projects, it may be necessary to take a break and rebalance through some meditation or mindful movement. Drinking a glass of water to stay hydrated can also help you refocus. 

2. Feeling Ill 

life coachWhen you’re busy and don’t cater to your personal health by eating well, exercising, and sleeping, your immune system is diminished. If you have cold after cold, or constant headaches, you should prioritize relaxing and de-stressing to get your life back in balance. 

3. Following Destructive Behaviors

Many people smoke or drink more when they feel stressed or anxious. It’s important to notice when these behaviors occur as they can be signs that you need to refocus on choosing good habits instead of unhealthy ones. Many life coaches recommend exercising when you feel the need to drink alcohol or smoke so you can bring balance back into your life.

4. Spending More Money Than Usual

There are times when it’s necessary to spend more money than you normally do, like if your car needs unexpected repairs or when you’re on vacation. However, if online shopping or heading to the mall are taking over your time, you may be trying to fill a void. Instead of “eating your feelings,” you may be spending them, going overboard on treating yourself or even gifting to others to try and feel good while hiding that you’re hurting inside. 


If you’re interested in speaking with a life coach to regain balance, contact Peggy Sealfon-Stonewater Studio. Peggy is a wellness expert who focuses on stress management and anxiety relief, thanks to her extensive experience as an international personal development coach. She uses neuroscience, psychology, nutrition, mindfulness, and energy medicine to help people find their path to balance and achieve their true potential. To find out how you can live a more fulfilling life, call (239) 821-2266 or visit the website

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