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Lack of Sleep Can Lead to Osteoporosis! December 6, 2018

O'Fallon, O'Fallon
Lack of Sleep Can Lead to Osteoporosis! , O'Fallon, Missouri

Ask yourself this, and do your best to be completely truthful. Do you get enough sleep? Take a moment and really think it through. Our bodies need rest, and the amount of sleep we get can have an impact on countless factors from motor skills to weight control. 

Our bones are in a continuous cycle of repair as old tissue is removed and replace with new tissue. This cycle is called Osteogenesis, and is the process for keeping our bones healthy and strong. Not only are bone strength, flexibility, and density controlled by this remodeling process, but also bone repair.

Our normal daily activity results in micro damage that healthy bodies can easily repair, and in response to fractures or traumatic injury our body responds by reshaping and replacing damaged bone structure. An imbalance in this reshaping process can lead to weakened bones, and ultimately Osteoporosis.

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Recent studies show that a lack of sleep can impact the process of bone remodeling. Research at the Medical College of Wisconsin uncovered a connection between chronic lack of sleep and impaired development of both bone marrow and bone structure in sleep deprived animals. Not only did the animals stop forming new bone, but they gradually lost bone mineral density. Bone marrow was also affected, and this affects bone flexibility. Having strong, healthy, flexible bones helps us avoid fractures.

Researchers suggest that sleep deprivation can have the same impact on bone remodeling in humans. The fast pace of life, stresses at the office, social plans, etc., can make it a challenge to get a full night’s sleep, and chronic sleep loss can impact our bone density, strength, and flexibility, which could lead to Osteoporosis.

Our general health depends on getting a good night’s sleep, and now we have even more reasons to develop a healthy routine including enough sleep to keep our bones strong and healthy!

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