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The Best Reasons to Choose Spandex for Dance Costumes December 18, 2018

Garment District, Manhattan
The Best Reasons to Choose Spandex for Dance Costumes, Manhattan, New York

Whether you dance professionally or just for fun, you know it’s all about feeling free and confident. Therefore, the clothes or costumes you wear have to live up to these requirements. If you’re looking for the ideal material for jumping, turning, and stretching your body to its full potential, consider the following advantages of wearing spandex.

The Top 3 Benefits of Spandex Dance Costumes

1. Lightweight

You don’t want heavy fabrics getting in the way of a perfectly-executed routine, so it’s best to choose lightweight materials like spandex for the best mobility. Move faster and enjoy a greater range of motion without a heavy fabric weighing you down.

2. Durable

spandexPerspiration is natural when exercising, so you’ll want a fabric that can stand up to the heat. Fortunately, spandex won’t be damaged by exposure to sweat, body oil, or makeup, so you can use all the beauty products you need to complete the perfect costume and perform your best. Spandex can also be dyed without deteriorating, so you can manipulate a garment to fit your vision.

3. Elastic

One of spandex’s greatest qualities is its elasticity—in fact, it can be stretched to over 500% of its original size without tearing. This is all thanks to the long-chain synthetic polymers that make up the material in randomly coiled sections. Unlike cotton or denim, this material won’t become saggy after repeated movements, so you can dance as passionately as you want without ruining your costume.


If you’re looking for the ultimate material for your dance-ready outfit, turn to Spandex House of New York City, the world’s largest spandex supplier. Whether you’re interested in milliskin, sheer stretch mesh, or any of the countless other varieties they provide, you can find exactly what you need to outfit a company of dancers or craft the perfect costume for your solo act. For more information about their inventory, visit their website. You can also call them at (212) 354-6711 to ask about a specific spandex type.

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