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6 Do's and Don'ts of Caring for Outerwear December 19, 2018

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6 Do's and Don'ts of Caring for Outerwear, Jacksonville East, Florida

Colder weather has arrived, so you're probably pulling out some of your heavier coats for the season. When temperatures drop, it's essential to have well-maintained winter outerwear to stay warm and dry. However, taking care of your coats and jackets is different than other items in your wardrobe. Here are some of the do's and don'ts of caring for these seasonal pieces.


Read the label.

Every coat is different so read the label to make sure that you're taking care of the materials correctly. Some can be washed in your washing machine, while others require hand washing or dry cleaning. Pay attention to the materials—wool blends, for example, are prone to deep stains.

Hang them up properly.

outerwearAvoid using plastic or felt hangers. Wooden hangers won't leave stains on the garment and offer more structure for heavier coats to rest on, limiting wrinkles and filth.  

Use a garment bag.

Bigger coats can easily collect dust when they go unused for the majority of the year. Over time, that could lead to stains or pilling that occurs when threads loosen. At the end of the season, clean the pieces and use a garment bag to protect each individual coat.


Forget to weatherproof them.

Weatherproofing your garments will help them last longer. Ask the retailer what type of product works best to prevent damage from snow, sleet, and rain. Generally, sprays are a popular option. Test it on a small part of the coat before applying it to the entire fabric.

Hang them up when wet.

If your coat gets wet, dry it in a ventilated area. If inner layers remain damp when it's placed in a closet, it could cause a lingering odor or issues with how the fabric lays. Create a spot in your home where your outerwear can properly dry each time you return home.

Underestimate your local dry cleaner.

Sometimes a professional is needed to properly remove stains or fix issues on the garment. Depending on the type of material it's made from, using regular stain remover could make the stain worse or cause permanent damage. Plus, regular professional cleanings can improve your outerwear's longevity by helping it maintain its shape.


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