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How to Know When Your Smoke Detector Needs to Be Replaced December 14, 2018

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How to Know When Your Smoke Detector Needs to Be Replaced, Belleville, Illinois

While they’re a feature that largely goes unnoticed, smoke detectors play a crucial role in protecting your home and loved ones. Once installed by your electrician, these devices instantly begin monitoring the air in your living space 24 hours a day for any sign of trouble. As such, it’s important to make sure your detectors are always in good working condition. This requires more than changing the battery whenever you hear the unit start to chirp. Over time, the entire device will need to be replaced. Below are some tips on knowing when to install new smoke detectors.

When Is It Time to Replace Your Smoke Detectors?

They Are More Than 10 Years Old electrician

According to the National Fire Protection Association, smoke detectors are supposed to be replaced every 10 years. Once they have reached this point, there is a good chance they no longer work to their full capacity. You can find the date of manufacture easily enough by looking at the back or side of the device. New detectors should be put in by your electrician 10 years from this date rather than the date of purchase or installation.

They Go Off for No Reason 

There is also a chance your smoke detectors need to be replaced if they consistently go off without a valid reason. Too many false alarms could indicate the units are faulty or damaged. Before purchasing new ones, clean out your existing devices to make sure there isn’t any dirt and dust blocking the sensors, and check that all wired connections are in place. If this doesn’t fix the issue, it might be time for new detectors. 


If you have any reason to believe your smoke detectors aren’t operating at peak performance, replace them. A reliable electrician from RM Electrical can help you upgrade your home’s smoke detection system at an affordable price. Offering a decade of industry experience, the family-owned and -operated company has been entrusted to meet all the electrical needs of residents throughout the St. Clair, Monroe, and Madison counties of Illinois. Call (618) 939-0422 to speak with a friendly electrician, or visit them online to view a full list of services they provide.

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