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3 Tips for Writing a Eulogy for a Funeral December 14, 2018

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3 Tips for Writing a Eulogy for a Funeral, Mebane, North Carolina

Writing a eulogy and then delivering it at a friend or loved one’s funeral is truly a privilege; however, it can also be quite painful. Determining what to say to those who are grieving is challenging, especially since you’re undoubtedly grieving yourself. By following a few simple tips, though, you can draft a beautiful eulogy that will honor the deceased’s memory and leave everyone with sense of peace. 

How to Write a Eulogy 

1. Keep It Brief

Consider telling one or two stories about the deceased or focusing on just a few qualities and attributes that you admired the most. A brief eulogy will be easier to write, memorize, and deliver. And if it contains a couple of your most meaningful memories, the words will have far more impact than a long, rambling speech. 

2. Stay Positive

funeralYou don’t necessarily want to make light of the situation, but it is wise to keep your message positive. Focusing on the positive will remind everyone of happier times. It will also make it much easier to deliver the eulogy. If you find yourself welling up regardless, pause and take a breath. Remember—no one is going to judge you for getting emotional, so take the time to compose yourself without fear or embarrassment. 

3. Be Conversational

It’s easy to resort to academic language when writing, but a eulogy should be conversational. When drafting it, don’t imagine standing in front of a podium. Instead, picture yourself sitting across from a friend, and think about what you would say to him or her about the deceased. This will help put the audience at ease and make them feel more comfortable during your delivery. 


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