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Dos & Don’ts of Preventing Malware Mishaps December 13, 2018

Austin, Travis County
Dos & Don’ts of Preventing Malware Mishaps, Austin, Texas

From viruses to spyware, there are many types of malware—or malicious software programs—that can put your computer system at risk. Some types of malware may cause your system to run slowly, while others might compromise your sensitive files. While virus protection software can detect and remove these infectious programs from your computer, it’s always better to prevent them in the first place. To help you stay safe, here are a few practices you should and shouldn’t follow if you want to avoid a malware mess.


Install virus protection software.

There are many reliable virus protection programs that will monitor network activity and isolate and remove malware threats. With regularly scheduled system scans, you can ensure the software is staying on top of your security needs.

Update your OS.

Operating system updates are not just designed to help your system run more efficiently, but they also strengthen your system against evolving security threats that older versions of the software may be vulnerable to.

Consult a managed services provider.

While virus protection software can handle the security needs of personal computer systems, they may not be strong enough to keep your business network safe. For further protection, consult an information technology (IT) firm that offers managed services to monitor network activity, encrypt sensitive data, and safeguard internet connections.


Click carelessly.

virus protectionEven if you have a strong email filter, you should avoid clicking on messages that contain suspicious links or come from unknown senders. Many unauthorized messages are linked to malware programs that can expose your data, reach out to your contacts, and hijack your network.

Download inauthentic executable files.

Executable files—or those that end with “.exe”—are files that open into installable programs. Many types of malware are disguised as .exe files, making it easy for them to infect your computer. As such, you should never download and install programs unless you’re positive that they come from an authentic source.  

Forget to back up.

Although following the above steps will greatly reduce your malware risks, there’s always a possibility that a malicious program may compromise your computer. To make sure your data remains safe in these situations, back up your system regularly.


If you’re a business owner who is concerned about your network security, KH IT Services is equipped to safeguard your systems from all types of malware. Serving clients in the Travis County, TX, area, this IT provider offers a wide range of personalized managed services that can help safeguard your tech resources—including in-depth virus protection, 24/7 network monitoring, data recovery, and software updates. For more details on these affordable services, visit this provider online. To schedule a network performance and security evaluation, call (866) 764-0445.

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