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3 Reasons to Install a Kitchen Island January 7, 2019

Flatiron District, Manhattan
3 Reasons to Install a Kitchen Island, Manhattan, New York

Many homeowners undertake kitchen remodeling projects not only to improve an outdated aesthetic, but to add more storage and functionality to their kitchens. Adding a kitchen island to your layout is an easy to way improve the room. Islands are versatile, with an array of design options to complement the look of your new kitchen. Consider these benefits to having an island in your kitchen.

3 Benefits of Adding an Island to Your Kitchen Remodeling Design

1. More Storage

Homeowners with small kitchen spaces already know storage is an essential part of kitchen remodeling, but ample storage can improve even sizable spaces. Kitchen islands can be built to your request, including everything from additional cabinets and hidden panels to built-in wine racks. Shelves can be built underneath or above your island, maximizing functionality for spaces of any size.

2. More Seating

kitchen remodelingWhether you plan to do more entertaining or simply want a more casual way to enjoy meals without having to set a dining room table, adding a counter extension to your island provides more seating options. Besides, it offers a nice way for a friend or family member to keep you company if you’re cooking – not to mention more counter space for them to help you with meal prep. 

3. Extra Amenities

Adding amenities boosts the value of your kitchen. If you add an island, you’ll have more room to include the extra features that will take your kitchen remodeling plans from attractive to extraordinary. An additional sink, a minifridge, or cooktop with a range hood are all options that will make your kitchen more appealing. 


If you’re looking for an experienced kitchen remodeling company, hire Broadway Kitchens & Baths in the New York metropolitan area to help you design and build the perfect space. Their design team has more than 20 years of experience and also offers an in-home design service for an additional fee. Whether you want a contemporary or farmhouse look, they’ll transform any space to suit your needs. To request a consultation, call (212) 260-7768 for the New York City office or (201) 567-9585 for their Englewood location. Visit them online for more about their residential and commercial services.

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