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What You Should Know About Whole-House Generators January 31, 2019

Wilton, Fairfield County
What You Should Know About Whole-House Generators, Wilton, Connecticut

A momentary power outage may be nothing more than a minor inconvenience, but when you’re without electricity for hours—or days—you can run into a wide range of problems. For example, you won’t be able to run your HVAC system to stay safe in times of bad weather, keep your food from spoiling, or use essential appliances. Fortunately, if you’re equipped with a whole-house generator and extra fuel, you can always rest assured that you have a standby power source. If you don’t yet have one, here are a few important details to know about whole-house generators

Basic Guide to Whole-House Generators

How Are Whole-House Generators Different From Portable Standby Models?

Portable standby generators are small and can be wheeled to different locations to provide a direct power source to a few appliances. These machines, however, are generally not powerful enough to provide electricity throughout your entire home.

By contrast, whole-house generators are big enough to power many essential appliances at once—including your HVAC system and refrigerator. Generally, this equipment is designed to remain in a fixed place outside of the home where it can integrate with the electrical system and stay connected to a dependable fuel source. These generators also tend to be more efficient and quieter than portable models.

How Are Generators Powered?

There are many different types of whole-house generators that can use a variety of fuels. For example, some homeowners will power their equipment using diesel fuel. Those looking for a cleaner-burning alternative may power their generators with propane instead.

What Size Should I Get?

hvac systemYour preferred generator manufacturer should have helpful online tools or in-person support to determine what size product is right for your needs. In general, you’ll want to choose a unit that produces enough wattage to meet the demands of the electrical loads listed on your appliances. Keep in mind that some large appliances—such as HVAC systems—require additional power to start.  

Who Should Install a Whole-House Generator?

Since whole-house generators must be connected to your electrical system, it’s best to have a certified electrician install the unit. With their professional knowledge, they will make sure your generator is equipped to handle your power needs and reliably connected to a transfer switch—a component that will automatically kick on the generator in the event of an electrical outage.


When you’ve got a whole-house generator to cover your needs during an outage, you should have a fuel provider that’s just as reliable. That’s why Fairfield County, CT, residents turn to Servco Oil & Propane for on-time and emergency fuel delivery services. Recognized for providing high-quality and affordable propane, this supplier will not only meet the demands of your generator—but of all your other propane-based equipment. To learn more about their fuel delivery, HVAC system repairs, and heating services, visit this propane and heating oil supplier online. If you’d like to request service or delivery, call (203) 762-7994.

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