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3 Aspects to Consider When Comparing Insurance Quotes December 14, 2018

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3 Aspects to Consider When Comparing Insurance Quotes, David City, Nebraska

Your home insurance policy protects your most valuable asset, while also extending an umbrella of coverage over every aspect of your life. Whether you’re buying a home or it’s time to renew your policy, requesting insurance quotes from several different companies helps ensure you get the necessary protection at the best rates possible. Below are a few questions to keep in mind when shopping around.

What to Ask When Reviewing Insurance Policies

1. Does It Provide Enough Coverage?

Many home insurance policies are based on the fair market value of your home, which might not be enough to rebuild if the house is destroyed in a fire or other disaster. Instead, look for policies based on the actual replacement value, which takes into account the higher cost of materials and labor. Otherwise, you could be left paying out of pocket once the policy limits are maxed out.

2. Do You Need Additional Coverage?

insurance quoteA lower insurance quote might seem attractive, but read the fine print to see what type of damage is excluded. The standard homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t cover losses caused by flood or earthquakes, and in some areas, you might have to purchase an extra endorsement to pay for hail or storm damage.

3. What’s the Deductible?

The deductible is the portion of repairs you’ll have to pay before the home insurance coverage kicks in. Generally, a higher deductible corresponds with lower premiums. Just make sure you have the resources to cover expenses if you do have to file a claim.


With offices in Beatrice, David City, Hickman, Lincoln, Wilber, and Yutan,  First State Insurance Agency offers high-quality coverage to homeowners throughout Eastern Nebraska. Their dedicated agents are committed to helping you get coverage tailored to your needs, backed by some of the top insurers in the industry. Visit their website to find the nearest location, follow their Facebook for updates and news, or call (402) 979-7585 to request a free home insurance quote today.

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