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3 Countertops Perfect for Busy Kitchens December 13, 2018

3 Countertops Perfect for Busy Kitchens, ,

When you have a busy kitchen, you want countertops that are durable and can hold up over time. Strong countertop materials must endure food preparation, spills, and bumps to keep them clean and beautiful for longer. Below are three options to consider.

Durable Countertops for a Bustling Kitchen

1. Quartz

Because it is non-porous, quartz offers top resistance against stains, acid, and heat along with impact damage like scratches and chips. It also does not need to be sealed regularly, and maintenance is easy with a mild cleaner and soft rag. Quartz is available in many colors and patterns, making it simple to match any kitchen design.

2. Granite

Granite has been at the top of the list for decades as the countertop of choice for kitchens. Polished granite is durable for food prep and resistant to cracks and heat, but it does require more care than quartz, including annual sealing. To keep the surface safe, stains should be cleaned quickly. Another choice is honed granite, which offers a matte finish instead of the glossy surface polished provides. The qualities of honed granite are similar to polished, ensuring that the worktop is strong against impact.

3. Marble

countertopsFor a more high-end luxury aesthetic that is also a great surface for working, choose marble. The natural veining in this stone makes it easy to mask wear and tear. Marble is porous, however, and regular sealing and proper care are necessary to prevent staining and etching from acidic substances. To clean marble, use a cleaner specifically designed for this natural stone or a mild cleaner, warm water, and non-abrasive cloth. Marble is heat-resistant, but it is best to still use pot holders under steaming pans to stop any discoloration on the stone.


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